• Hunt passive talent without the headaches

    nPloyed streamlines everything that slows you down so you can spend more time sourcing and placing the best candidates.

       Automate tasks such as importing candidates and scheduling interviews

       Standardize your recruiting process across hiring managers and roles

       Shave days off of your average time to place


You waste too much time on everything that isn't recruiting

You enter the same candidate information multiple times when you source and share talent with hiring managers.

Managers are slow to send you feedback in whatever format and level of detail they choose, forcing you to pick up their slack.

Then it's the back and forth with managers and candidates to schedule interview times that work for everyone

Resumes and notes get lost because they're scattered between LinkedIn, email, an ATS, and scrap pieces of paper.

"nPloyed has become my ultimate recruiting efficiency tool"

From one-click adding of candidates into the system, to scheduling tools connecting hiring managers and candidates direct, nPloyed has become my ultimate recruiting efficiency tool. Simply put, nPloyed has allowed me to spend more time recruiting.
Ryan McGuinnessDirector at Talent Solvers


When sourcing talent, data entry becomes the bane of every recruiter's existence and should be avoided at all costs

Our Chrome extension pulls LinkedIn profiles into nPloyed in one click. Adding your own notes and matching candidates with positions are just as easy.

Imagine how much time you'll have for sourcing more talent when you're not manually packaging candidates for review.


Right now, you chase managers for feedback, they get impatient with the process, and you still don't get the feedback you need in the end.

With nPloyed, it's easy for managers to give you feedback. They'll check a few boxes, leave a couple of comments, and approve or reject a candidate with a single click.

Now you'll get the detailed feedback you need to dial in your search and fill your pipeline - without the annoying follow ups.


After presenting managers with candidates to interview, you go back and forth with candidates and managers to find a date that works for everyone.

With nPloyed, managers email the times that work for them as clickable links in an email. The candidate clicks the best time and it's added to everyone's calendar automatically.

When interview scheduling is effortless like this, more interviews happen, you place candidates in fewer days, and you get your time back.

Take your recruitment process from "all over the place" to everything in one place


Candidate information and manager feedback is scattered between platforms and your best talent slips through the cracks.


From sourcing to placement and everything in between, your entire recruitment process is connected and organized inside nPloyed.

With results like these, hiring managers and clients are quick to adopt nPloyed.

nPloyed has reduced our time to hire by 7 days, while saving our hiring managers 100s of emails via an instant scheduling feature and automatic feedback.
Jett McCandlessCofounder/CEO at project44

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